12 May 2010

stalking on the 'net

This morning I spent 3 hours stalking on "the book" (aka facebook) while catching up on 1980s re-runs of $100,000 Pyramid. I found two very different, yet interesting posts I thought I would share with you....

This uber liberal, eco-chic girl I knew my freshman year in college posted a BEWARE message about some site called spokeo.com... the site supposedly lists more personal info than a 12 year old's facebook page. Maybe I have been living under a rock, but that is the first I had heard of it. Well, I went to the site to search for myself. The results were:

Basic Profile

Age: late 20's
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Zodiac: Virgo
Relationship: In a relationship
Children: No
Occupation: unknown
Education: Some College
Hobbies: Sports, Outdoors, Travel, Music, Reading, Cooking...
Home Owner: Yes
Residence: Single Family House
Length of Residence: 1 years
Est. Home Value: $1M+
Neighborhood: Middle Class

*hmmmm.... late 20s???? I like to call it mid-20s!
*Gender, ethnicity.... they got those right!
*Totally not a Virgo... I am a Libra!
*If spokeo found me a boyfriend they should let me know so I can cancel my match membership!
* Phew.... glad they didn't find any of my offspring floating around!
*I will give them unknown as my occupation because it is a bit debatable at the moment.
*Some college, spokeo?? How about a degree?? I am about to start school for my doctorate!
*Hobbies... those are all right except for SPORTS!! I once asked if they recruited NFL players for the USA Hockey team...
*Uhhhhhh, home owner? I live with my parents... in a home that doesn't quite have a $1M+ price tag... and since when are $1M+ homes in middle class neighborhoods? haha

Let's just say if my "Basic Profile" was a test in school, they would have gotten a big fat F!!!

The other post of interest I saw was a YouTube video that is both amazing and disturbing at the same time... These girls may be the biggest sluts in 3rd grade, but their dancing is MIND-BLOWING!! Can they teach me some moves??

11 May 2010

the running yogi?

The instant I walked through the front door I turned on the K-cup machine. A second cup of Island Coconut coffee is exactly what I needed after a long morning of playing Uno, trains, and kitchen with the Mac kids. As the scent of a tropical vacation came wafting out of my freshly brewed cup of joe, I sat down to relax and flip through the stack of mail on the counter... A glossy catalog from Nordstrom, a free mascara card from Bobbi Brown (score!!), and (GASP!) the newest issue of Runner's world...

The pangs from guilt start in the pit of my stomach and start creeping into my throat. I haven't been out for a run since AUGUST!!! Ugh... the mailman must think some cool runner chic lives at my house. Instead the size 8.5 Ravennas that my co-worker bought me at a sick discount last summer have been sitting in my closet collecting dust.

I used to be a great runner! I even have a sheep trophy for getting first place in my age group at Varmint Half Marathon!! Since leaving the Old Dominion and my extraordinary/stellar/phenomenal running group, running 40+ miles a week is a distant memory...

Before you start judging me, let me inform you that I haven't swapped running for sitting on the couch and knitting! I have taken up yoga... not sit on your mat and chant yoga... 90 degree, kick your butt, super fancy pose yoga!! Now the cost is significantly higher than running down toll free streets in your neighborhood, but it makes me feel FREAKING AMAZING!!! I am even starting to get the hot dent in the back of my arm from doing 65 chaturanga dandasanas during class.

Although there are no plans for renewing my subscription to Runner's World, I am thinking there might be some space for both in my life... that is if my feet remember how to run....


09 May 2010

Ankle Pain

Ahhhh..... another weekend coming to a close, another Sunday night of dehydration and exhaustion. A few weekend highlights include: K.C.'s SURPRISE party, a late night dance party complete with tripod headstands, and my first physical contact with an iPad (which belongs to my fave married couple A&T).

Between vodka drinks last night the topic of conversation turned to dressing trendy. Since my subscription to Elle ended with Nina Garcia's termination, I find myself not being as up-to-date on trends coming down the runway. K.K. (one of my fashion forward friends) made reference to the "heels and ankle socks" trend. I have yet to see this look in the suburbs, but according to the impeccably dressed Mrs. C. co-eds in Beantown have been exercising their right to sport frilly socks and dressy shoes. In my humble opinion, ankle socks should be left to Suri and Dorothy of Kansas.

This late-night, vodka-infused chat reminded me of my top seeded YouTube video... although it has been kicking around the internet for quite sometime I still hyperventilate every time I watch it... ENJOY!!!

08 May 2010

red red wine

This morning I woke up with the all too familiar red wine stain still in the cracks of my lips. This is the result of my favorite Friday evening activity... a bottle (not a glass) of red wine and two all new episodes of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress!! I suppose the wine makes being single and living with your parents in the suburbs a lot easier to swallow while you watch wedding shows...

But, this leads me into the world of online dating. I am on my second go 'round with Match.com. I know a bunch (well, 2) girls that have met great guys online and one friend who married a man she met on the world wide web. And, it seems like a much better option than exchanges numbers after the 5th cocktail...

After perusing through more than a dozen pages of profiles I landed on this attractive guy (great pics, hip interests, educated, etc.) and immediately thought about "winking" at him. Then, I realized we didn't "match" in a few categories... HEIGHT and HAIR COLOR!!!

Give me a break!! This guy listed himself as being 5'9", not exactly a giant. He wanted women over 5'5"!!!! Being 5'2", this made me EXTREMELY annoyed/bitter/frustrated. To give him the benefit of the doubt, let's assume he has neck issues and can't look down for then 6 inches.

But, hair color??? Really??? The dude listed that he would date women with black, light brown, dark brown, and red hair.... no blondes. Maybe I'm less picky than the average Match.com user, but I list no preference on things like hair color and eye color. As long as the guy DOES NOT smoke, DOES drink, and DOES NOT have kids I think they are worthy of a glance!

Comments or insight on online dating? Sound off below!


07 May 2010

about freaking time....

Random friends of mine have been telling me, "Kate, stop reading blogs and write your own!" So, here I am.... I am sarcastic, I watch like 40 hours of TV a week, and I find writing to be quite entertaining... I suppose a perfect recipe for a blog!

I decided to call my blog "Mélange de Crazy" for the following reasons...

1. I got my Bachelor's in French and I like to use French words here and there to feel like I got my parent's money's worth....

2. After entering 4963786408746 other titles that were all taken, this was my last resort.

3. There's no specific purpose to my blog. Just a mélange (noun. a mixture; a medley : a mélange of tender vegetables and herbs.) of crazy things that I see, hear, observe everyday that I feel like discussing (aka complaining about).

Before I go I need to give y'all a dose of what you'll be experiencing here on my blog...

Tyra, how are you still on the air???

When Tyra's talk show first came on air, I swore up and down it wouldn't make it the entire season. I hate admitting I was wrong, but who on earth finds her foaming at the mouth entertaining and/or humorous??? If you watch this show regularly, please, leave a comment!!!!

Also of note....

1. Her outfit is ATROCIOUS (is it 1995?)
2. She DROOLED that foam on some innocent girl in the audience... GROSS, Tyra, GROSS!
3. Did anyone else notice that the audience CLAPPED for her drinking water? Is that talent???

That's all for now...