30 August 2010

k.a.c. sailed the ocean blue....


ahhhh.... talk about a hiatus from my blog.... I apologize! Grad school is no cup of tea. It sucks the life out of you! But, by popular demand from some of my readers, I have decided to return to my Mac Book and reflect on the cray world around us....

As I said grad school is uber-demanding, so my parents so kindly offered to take me on a cruise to Bermuda during the first half of my "summer vacation" (two weeks off.... how generous BU)! How could I decline the invite? Armed with SPF 45, a stack of classics by Chelsea Handler, and several dozen sundresses, I climbed aboard the Norwegian Spirit docked in good ole Southie.

Minutes after embarking My parents and I became cliché cruisers and hit the buffet! Before I even surveyed the selection of food, I couldn't help but notice how ENORMOUS my fellow passengers were!! Now, I know there is an obesity problem in America... I watch the Biggest Loser... but, I wasn't aware of how ridiculously O.O.C. the obesity problem has become!

I suppose an "all you can eat" option is exactly what over-eaters are looking for in a vacation, but really?? Do you need to consume 3,486 calories at breakfast?? Is it necessary to pay $16 extra per day for unlimited soda?? The flip side to the health problems of those weighing 4 bills... I have never felt my comfortable flaunting myself in a bikini... definitely a self-image boost for the average folk.

I have to say the cruise was the ultimate mental health break from PT school. I got my first tan since leaving my poolside drinking days in the Star City (yikes... have I really been above the Mason Dixon line for 2 years???). The same sun that gave me a warm, "healthy" glow also bleached out my polish!! Now I know I may be over-reacting a touch, but I am an addict of OPI's Shorts Story... I choose it every time I hit the local Vietnamese nail shop for my summer pedis. It is (in my opinion) the most perfect shade of pink. Now it has faded to this icky pink that gives me nightmarish flashbacks to the paw prints on the walls of the Phi Mu Quad. Sadly the sun bleached my polish, but did NOT bleach out my roots... uhhhh.... I mean I am a natural blonde. ;)



I have to give major props to the books I read on the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay....
My Horizontal Life and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang both by Chelsea Handler
A Little Bit Wicked by Kristen Chenoweth
Wicked (the novel) by Gregory Maguire
Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan

How is it that I can read 5 books on week of vacation and can't manage to even get through a single chapter in PT text book?? If you know the secret, please, leave it in the comments section!


  1. Glad you're back. Any interesting excursions off the ship?

    I once cruised on the Norwegian ship, Dreamward. They renamed it something but I don't think it was the Spirit.

  2. You need a UV topcoat...although it sounds like your next cruise may be a ways away...