23 December 2010

Nothing says the holidays like.... sangria?

Last night I had the genius idea to take the Silver Line.

Dear MBTA, It is not a line it is a fancy bus! And although I do appreciate the countdown to the next "bus" and the heaters in the stop, your signs to the silver line don't say anything about having to go outside and cross the street to find it!

Although I did meet a lovely homeless man while waiting for the silver bullet to appear. He hollered at me, "You are under arrest because God made you too beautiful," he then asked if he could "borrow" $20 from me....

After hopping off at my stop and wondering around for 20 minutes... lost in a snowy maze of the South End, I finally made it too the large, but cozy speakeasy joint to meet my ever so stylish friends for some Holiday Cheer!

Spending quality time with my friends has been quite sporadic lately. My friends here in Boston have jam packed calendars and the plane ride to visit my out of town friends is slightly higher than my unemployed student budget can afford. But, is there any better way to catch up with friends than over frothy glasses of sangria? I think not!

No matter how far away some of my friends might be or how infrequently I see them, every time I see them or talk to them over the phone it is almost like no time has passed. So how do you know when you have it the friend jackpot?

Let me bore you for a moment with some of my favorite "that is exactly why we are friends" moments of 2010...

1. When losing my 10 year old denim jacket this summer, KK. was as equally upset as I was and shared her own saddening tale of losing her favorite denim jacket.

2. Suze agrees with me that Jillian Michaels, Stacy London, and Nina Garcia are the PERFECT choices to have as celebrity best friends!

3. Ycats won't complain about forking over $10.75 to see a rom-com with a 12% rating on Rotten Tomatoes because she knows I am DESPERATE to see it!

4. The former McG. created operation O.N.S. Could you ask for a more supportive friend?

5. The "inventor of the cotton gin" and I speak in quotes from Pretty Woman and bust out dances from Sister Act 2 in bars without anyone picking up on the references.

6. ART supports my stalking of our former college classmates on FB... as long as we share the details/gossip.

7. Cinna wasn't offended on Halloween when I told her she should wear her red Wendy's wig every time we hang out!

8. When mid-sentence in a reference to the Hollywood sign in Cali, the Youngster shouted out "West Bev." Is there a more perfect reference to the 1993 graduation of the original Beverly Hills, 90210??

I never make resolutions for the new year... mainly because I suck at keeping them! But, in 2011 I setting aside time to suck down cocktails with my friends. Because how can I stay fabulous without their influence!?!?

So give your friends a call, send them an email, or toast to them with a frosty adult beverage... tell them just how FABULOUS they are!

21 December 2010

Is it any wonder I've got too much (clap, clap) time on my hands?

Yeah, yeah... it was a really bad idea to start a blog weeks before starting living hell (a.k.a. grad school). I never said I had good timing... buuuuut, it is now winter break and as Styx put it "I've got to much time on my hands."

This morning I got a simply stated email from one of my posh friends saying that her Google reader was jonesing for my blog... so I'm back by popular demand... ok one person wanting to read my ramblings isn't really a call for crowd control, but I am sure I could convince my other former readers to stop by my url.

My last final was just four days ago and I already feel like a new person. Just prior to re-joining academia my days were filled with yoga, talk shows, and making dinero. Here's the short list of things I used to take for granted that I now sell my organs for teh time to do them:
1. Bravo Reality TV
2. Exercise!!
3. Reading books with titles that do not contain the words ortho/patho/cardio
4. Spending Sundays in bed nursing a hangover with rom-coms

Ahhhhh.... the small things in life.

So what have I accomplished since Friday afternoon... not a whole hell of a lot! I did discover a fab new TV channel called REELZ (Comcast 198). So glad I did not discover this hidden gem until after the semester ended... it contains classics such as re-runs of Ally McBeal and Brothers & Sisters (side note: Do Mr. & Mrs. Harrison Ford own the station... valid questio, right?). Is there a better way to spend a snowy afternoon? I didn't think so!

What does confuse me about the channel are there bizarre sponsors. In my humble opinion, they should be targeting the pre-school moms, but instead these are the two stellar commercials that just aired:

This cheap piece of plastic can get you a six pack in 6 minutes and you don't even have to stand up!

The other dazzling mini infomercial that had my mouth dropping from pure amazement was this...

I wonder if they have rush shipping available?

Well, that's all for now... tune in post-Wednesday evening's Holiday Happy Hour for some more loquaciousness!