08 May 2010

red red wine

This morning I woke up with the all too familiar red wine stain still in the cracks of my lips. This is the result of my favorite Friday evening activity... a bottle (not a glass) of red wine and two all new episodes of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress!! I suppose the wine makes being single and living with your parents in the suburbs a lot easier to swallow while you watch wedding shows...

But, this leads me into the world of online dating. I am on my second go 'round with Match.com. I know a bunch (well, 2) girls that have met great guys online and one friend who married a man she met on the world wide web. And, it seems like a much better option than exchanges numbers after the 5th cocktail...

After perusing through more than a dozen pages of profiles I landed on this attractive guy (great pics, hip interests, educated, etc.) and immediately thought about "winking" at him. Then, I realized we didn't "match" in a few categories... HEIGHT and HAIR COLOR!!!

Give me a break!! This guy listed himself as being 5'9", not exactly a giant. He wanted women over 5'5"!!!! Being 5'2", this made me EXTREMELY annoyed/bitter/frustrated. To give him the benefit of the doubt, let's assume he has neck issues and can't look down for then 6 inches.

But, hair color??? Really??? The dude listed that he would date women with black, light brown, dark brown, and red hair.... no blondes. Maybe I'm less picky than the average Match.com user, but I list no preference on things like hair color and eye color. As long as the guy DOES NOT smoke, DOES drink, and DOES NOT have kids I think they are worthy of a glance!

Comments or insight on online dating? Sound off below!


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  1. Oooh, am I that friend that got married? Well, obviously I say go for it! But...I had my share of baaaad dates and one slightly sketchy guy before I met Ben.