11 May 2010

the running yogi?

The instant I walked through the front door I turned on the K-cup machine. A second cup of Island Coconut coffee is exactly what I needed after a long morning of playing Uno, trains, and kitchen with the Mac kids. As the scent of a tropical vacation came wafting out of my freshly brewed cup of joe, I sat down to relax and flip through the stack of mail on the counter... A glossy catalog from Nordstrom, a free mascara card from Bobbi Brown (score!!), and (GASP!) the newest issue of Runner's world...

The pangs from guilt start in the pit of my stomach and start creeping into my throat. I haven't been out for a run since AUGUST!!! Ugh... the mailman must think some cool runner chic lives at my house. Instead the size 8.5 Ravennas that my co-worker bought me at a sick discount last summer have been sitting in my closet collecting dust.

I used to be a great runner! I even have a sheep trophy for getting first place in my age group at Varmint Half Marathon!! Since leaving the Old Dominion and my extraordinary/stellar/phenomenal running group, running 40+ miles a week is a distant memory...

Before you start judging me, let me inform you that I haven't swapped running for sitting on the couch and knitting! I have taken up yoga... not sit on your mat and chant yoga... 90 degree, kick your butt, super fancy pose yoga!! Now the cost is significantly higher than running down toll free streets in your neighborhood, but it makes me feel FREAKING AMAZING!!! I am even starting to get the hot dent in the back of my arm from doing 65 chaturanga dandasanas during class.

Although there are no plans for renewing my subscription to Runner's World, I am thinking there might be some space for both in my life... that is if my feet remember how to run....


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